LIFE Peat Pals

Who is Eurosite?


Eurosite provides networking, capacity building, training, information, advocacy, and awareness-raising services for conservation practitioners all over Europe. The Eurosite members and partners are organisations and individuals working on and caring for land and nature conservation in governmental and civic society organisations, within and outside the EU. They work across a broad range of topics and geographic levels, but always with a keen interest in practical aspects of day-to-day natural site management, restoration, and conservation as well as the implementation of nature conservation policies, both inside and outside protected areas. Our work is firmly grounded in the realities of our members.


Eurosites role in the Peat Pals for LIFE project


Through the Peat Pals for LIFE strategy and partner Eurosite, the explicit intention is to apply the adapted recovery measures and the experience gained elsewhere in peatland sites with similar habitats and problems. Eurosite will use its (peatland) network to obtain and disseminate knowledge during and after the project and to improve the way in which different member states and platforms are working together on peatland recovery and the policies they make.